FIRE – FireToy


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The USB-rechargeable, lithium-ion powered S1 lay-on from OVO Lifestyle Toys™ offers 7 vibration patterns and a 100% body-safe, waterproof exterior.  Featuring ultra-powerful flickering tongue action, the S1 is whisper quiet and makes the perfect solo or couple’s toy. 

Petite & powerful with focused vibration at the tip flicking tongue action stimulation multiple uses - lay-on vibrator, couple's toy & more.


To turn vibration on or off, press and hold the top button for 1 second.

Press and release the top button to cycle forward through vibration options.

Press and release the bottom button to cycle backward through vibration options.



15 year warranty

Designed in Germany

100% body-safe material

USB charging cord included

Materials: Silicone/ABS

Dimension : 1.3 x 0.9 x 3.5 inch.